Mo’Nique Offers To Go On D.L. Hughley Show To Address Exploding Fued With Comedian And His Daughter

D.L. Hughley Mo'Nique

Mo’Nique responded to D.L. Hughley’s daughter, who took issue with her family being brought into the feud between the comedians.

Mo’Nique wants to discuss her feud with D.L. Hughley on his own radio show.

The comedian suggested a conversation needs to happen on his public platform after D.L. Hughley’s daughter Ryan Nicole Shepard criticized Mo’Nique on Instagram. Shepard, who felt her mother and sister were unfairly brought into the feud, offered to provide her personal address to Mo’Nique to talk about their issues in person.

Mo’Nique accepted Shepard’s invitation with one caveat: she insisted the chat should happen on D.L. Hughley’s show. The comic elaborated on the situation during an appearance on The Itiszzz, which is hosted by Detroit veteran Brian “Champtown” Harmon and executive produced by Ice-T.

“When D.L.’s daughter says, ‘C’mon let’s meet. And I’ll give you my personal address’ – sweet baby, I don’t need your personal address,” she said. “Your father has a platform that reaches millions. Let’s go on your daddy’s platform and have the conversation like mature adults.”

Mo’Nique also defended comments made about D.L. Hughley’s wife on stage. She asked, “How can you suck the dick of a coward?” during a stand-up performance.

“See, on the stage, I’m a performer, baby,” Mo’Nique explained. “I’m so unapologetic about my performance and what I say on that stage. That is a freedom stage. I won’t change that. I won’t divert from that. That’s my show. But let’s really have a conversation. Because when you say I insulted your mother, tell me what I said.”

Check out Mo’Nique’s interview with The Itiszzz below. Her response to D.L. Hughley’s daughter begins around the 59-minute mark.