Morris Day Joins Forces With Big Daddy Kane For “Grown Man” Video

Big Daddy Kane and Morris Day

Morris Day and Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane, together known as The Mack Pack, have released a video for their single “Grown Man.”

Two music legends, Morris Day of The Time and Big Daddy Kane, have linked up for a new single titled “Grown Man.”

After releasing the track in November, Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane recently shot a music video for their anthem. The duo filmed the visuals at former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar’s nightclub Cabo Wabo in Las Vegas.

Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane’s “Grown Man” video was directed by Detroit’s own Champtown and the Notorious D.O.P Matthias Saunders, who also served as the cinematographer.

“Grown Man” was produced by The Whole 9 production team. Freckles The Writer co-wrote the single with Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane.

Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane previously worked together on the former’s 1992 album Guaranteed. The influential artists collaborated on a song called “Angel Don’t.”

Decades later, Day and Kane reunited for “Grown Man.” The two are now billing themselves as The Mack Pack, which hopefully means they’ve got more collaborative singles in the works.

Any new music from Day or Kane is a welcomed sight since both men haven’t dropped albums in years. Day’s last solo album It’s About Time was released in 2004 while BDK hasn’t put out a project since 1998’s Veteranz Day LP.

Take a look at some behind the scenes footage of Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane’s upcoming video for “Grown Man.”