Mysonne Calls Out Young Thug Over Airline Antics: “We Just Accept Anything”


(AllHipHop News) Bronx, New York rapper Mysonne has a major problem with Young Thug. Thugger hit the headlines earlier this week, when footage of the Atlanta berating airline employees went viral, and sparked some outrage on the Internet.

Young Thug was p##### at the airline employees and decided to film himself offering one of the female agents, as they attempted to duck out of the camera’s view.

Young Thug also slammed the staff members as “peasants” and “ants” and then pulled out $15,000 and offered the cash to the women to quit their jobs.

While it’s not clear what exactly sparked the argument, Young Thug was unable to board his flight and, as a result, had to cancel his Seattle performance, which has since been rescheduled for Monday.

Mysonne, who has become known for his activism within Hip-Hop over the past decade, in addition to checking rappers, blasted Young Thug in a post on Instagram, and questioned Young Thug’s place in Hip-Hop and his membership in the Bloods.

“You know what I think what’s happening now is we move so far from consciousness as black men that we don’t even have a standard,” Mysonne said. “You know, we just accept anything. People get a little celebrity status, they can say and do anything and we just make excuses for them or they’re young and you got to understand and like you don’t know, you don’t got to understand. Because I was young before and I done some dumb s##t, but there’s a certain level of stupidity that’s not even acceptable.”

Mysonne was not amused with Young Thug’s antics, and slammed the Atlanta rapper for his respose to belittling the women, who were simply trying to do their job.

“If a ni##a put a b##ch in place for playing games, y’all try to bash ’em. Y’all be the same motherf##kers to upload 15 black girls around this motherf##ker fighting and trying to kill each other with knives and bats and s##t.”

Mysonne wasn’t amused, nor impressed and he urged the Hip-Hop community to hold the artists to higher standards.

“The sh##t that Young Thug did, it’s just like, what, that could have been somebody’s mother, what if that was my mother that was working in that airport? You know what I would’ve wanted to do to that man?.”

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