NBA YoungBoy Claims He Knows Who’s Limiting His Reach On YouTube

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy complained about issues with his YouTube reach and defended his platinum plaques in a string of Instagram Stories posts.

NBA YoungBoy suspects someone is hindering his views on YouTube.

The 23-year-old rapper suggested he knows who’s responsible for his YouTube issues in an Instagram Stories post on Wednesday (November 23). NBA YoungBoy didn’t identify the culprit.

“I already know who the people is that’s making YouTube limit my reach,” he wrote. “That’s irrelevant though.”

NBA YoungBoy’s YouTube comment was the first in a series of posts on his Instagram Stories. One teased an upcoming transformation.

“Won’t be today & it won’t be tomorrow but I’ve been preparing & planning to change forms unpainfully,” he wrote.

NBA YoungBoy boasted about his career in another post, defending his gold and platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America. He also informed readers of his impending exit from Instagram.

“You a stupid dick sucker if you think all [these] plaques ain’t real,” he wrote. “Yo favorite rapper can’t fwm n####. Just know my page finna deactivate you don’t deserve to see me.”

NBA YoungBoy vented on Instagram less than a week after he clashed with his Never Broke Again artist NoCap on social media. NoCap claimed he never received support from the Baton Rouge-bred rapper despite being signed to Never Broke Again for three years.

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