NBA YoungBoy Explains Why He No-Showed Studio Session With J. Cole

NBA Youngboy

NBA YoungBoy clarified a story about him allegedly no-showing a studio session with J. Cole in a Clubhouse conversation with DJ Akademiks.

Months after the news surfaced, NBA YoungBoy felt the need to address a story about him allegedly ghosting a J. Cole studio session.

In a Clubhouse conversation with DJ Akademiks, NBA YoungBoy clarified what happened when J. Cole’s name was mentioned. The Atlantic Records rapper said he wasn’t in a good state of the mind at the time, which is why he didn’t show up to the studio.

“They lied and said I stood J. Cole up, man,” NBA YoungBoy said. “They lied and said I wouldn’t go to the studio with him. I know who told somebody that too though. ‘Cause it was only a few people who knew about that and that wasn’t even the case. I was mad at that moment.”

He explained, “I was going through something, so what the f### I’m gonna go in this man’s studio session for a meet-up with him knowing that I ain’t in the mode to talk or just to be in the mode to f### around. So, I’d get ‘round this man and this man [would think] YB acting like a b#### or something … What the f### I’m gonna go around this man for if I know I ain’t in the mood to talk to nobody or sit there and even be around somebody.”

In March, DJ Akademiks was the person who originally publicized the story about NBA YoungBoy no-showing J. Cole’s studio session. During a Twitch stream, Akademiks claimed Cole waited around for YoungBoy for eight hours.