NBA Youngboy Flashes Guns With Teenager’s Alleged Killer In New Video

The East Baton Rouge D.A. is looking at some video of rapper NBA Youngboy flashing some big guns in a video.

(AllHipHop News) NBA Youngboy is being scrutinized by law enforcement over a controversial video shoot in Baton Rouge.

The rapper was caught on tape handling what appears to be a high caliber rifle while the cameras were rolling.

NBA Youngboy’s half brother Jeffery Tate was also seen handling some high powered weapons.

Jeffery Tate’s involvement is especially chilling because he is one of three teens accused of killing a 17-year-old named Javon Brown during a dispute after the youngster got off of his school bus.

Last week, another teen named Devaugh Tate (no relation to NBA Youngboy or his half-brother) was indicted by a grand jury for his role in Brown’s slaying.

But charges are still pending against the rapper’s half-brother Jeffery and another teenager named Kevin Anderson for the killing of Javon Brown.

As for the video, NBA Youngboy’s half-brother will not face any charges for flashing guns in the videos, since he is not a convicted felon.

However, NBA Youngboy may face some repercussions according to East Baton Rouge District Attorney, Hillar Moore.

According to Moore, NBA Youngboy could face charges for possession of a firearm.

In August of 2019, the rapper was released from Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish Prison after serving a 90-day stint for violating the terms of his probation over a 2017 shooting.

NBA Youngboy was sentenced to three months for “talking smack” online after a deadly shootout at Rolling Loud Miami in Florida, which killed a 43-year-old bystander.

He was discharged from probation in December of 2019.