NBA YoungBoy Willing To Go To Great Lengths To Get Out Of Jail

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is taking another crack at getting out of jail as he awaits trial for Federal gun possession charges, which could send him away for years!

Rap star NBA YoungBoy is attempting to get out of jail after being arrested in an operation the Feds have dubbed “Operation Never Free Again.”

The rapper is currently being held without bond in the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as he awaits trial for gun violations.

NBA YoungBoy, born Kentrell Gaulden is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing a firearm not registered to him.

The gun violations stem from an arrest in September of 2020, in Baton Rouge after 16 people were arrested during a video shoot. The cops claim the men who were arrested are members of the Never Broke Again and Bottom Boy Gorilla Gang.

During the raid, police found numerous firearms, some of which were loaded, while one of the weapons was stolen.

Investigators claim NBA YoungBoy was in possession of a 45-caliber gun and a 9mm as well.

The rapper was indicted on the Federal charges on March 10 and an arrest warrant out of Louisiana was issued for him. He was taken into custody after a brief foot chase in California on March 22.

NBA YoungBoy is offering to put up the original $540,000 bond suggested by a California Magistrate Judge, that was shot down by a Judge in Louisiana in April, who labeled the rap star a danger to the community.

But NBA YoungBoy is willing to go to great extremes to get out of jail before his trial.

Yesterday (July 20), his lawyers told the judge he would be released into the custody of a licensed private security individual, to provide 24-hour monitoring.

The rapper would also submit status reports regularly to pretrial services, in addition to submitting to electronic monitoring.

He would also remain under house arrest at a location approved by the Court, in addition to providing proof of gainful employment as a recording artist with Atlantic Records.

NBA YoungBoy has pleaded not guilty to the charges. His lawyers claim the government is out to get him.

Last month, his lawyers filed a motion to suppress the evidence that was collected during the raid on September 28, 2020, because the cops violated NBA YoungBoy’s right to counsel, and failed to read him his Miranda Rights when they attempted to question him after his arrest.

NBA YoungBoy’s lawyer claims the police violated his Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights have been violated.

A judge has yet to rule on NBA YoungBoy’s lawyers’ attempt to suppress the evidence or release him from jail.