Ne-Yo Boots Fan Off Stage After She Removes His Trademark Hat 


Ne-Yo was not best pleased when a female fan took his hat after he invited the woman on stage to dance with him.

Ne-Yo had no time for a fan’s games during a recent concert. The R&B singer is known for his vast hat collection and rarely photographed without a headpiece. In the past, Ne-Yo revealed he started wearing hats as a child after his hair began receding while he was in middle school. He was ridiculed so badly for his thinning hairline that teachers gave him permission to wear his hat in class.  

So it should come as no surprise that the “So Sick” hitmaker doesn’t like his hat being removed, as one unlucky fan discovered when she whipped his headpiece off during the show.

In a clip circulating online, a female fan can be seen dancing on stage while wearing the star’s iconic hat. However, it soon becomes clear Ne-Yo didn’t find her stunt funny. He claimed the woman isn’t a “Ne-Yo’ fan” before reclaiming his hat.  

“She know good G####### well she wasn’t supposed to grab my hat,” he added before directing the fan offstage. “Get your ass back over there,” he said, guiding her towards the rear of the stage. Ne-Yo then called for another fan to come up, but it became clear the first woman wasn’t ready to leave. He walked over to her and directed a mock kick toward the woman’s rear end as the crowd cheered.

In other Ne-Yo news, the singer recently received an invitation to the White House. The Grammy Award winner will perform at President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s Fourth of July celebrations.