Nicki Minaj Fans Crash Crocs’ Site And Send Sales Soaring

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj showcased her power to influence brands, with a simple post that sent Crocs sales soaring.

Nicki Minaj caused sales of divisive footwear Crocs to increase by a staggering 4,900 percent on Tuesday, after sharing a snap of herself wearing a pink pair – and not much else.

The “Anaconda” star had intended the image to be a teaser for an upcoming project, as she shared it on her social media pages alongside the cryptic caption “Friday.”

But what Nicki perhaps hadn’t predicted was that the picture – which featured her wearing a hot pink bedazzled pair of Crocs and using fluffy cushions to otherwise protect her modesty – would lead to a massive spike in sales for the footwear company.

According to reports, fans desperate to get their hands on a pair of pink Crocs led to a 4,900 percent rise in sales, and even caused the Crocs website to crash.

In addition, “pink Crocs” and “Nicki Minaj Crocs” became trending searches on Google.

Crocs, which were initially popular in the 1990s, have been enjoying a resurge of popularity in recent months, with celebrities including Justin Bieber being spotted out in the plastic shoes.