Nicki Minaj Gets Candid About Her Breast Reduction, Reveals Pre-Op Size  

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj revealed that she decided on a breast reduction after her body changed following the birth of her first child.

Nicki Minaj has opened up about her breast reduction after her revelation earlier this month that she underwent a downsizing procedure. 

While chatting on Instagram Live with City Girls’ JT monday night (Jun. 26), the NYC icon let slip a few details about the surgery, including her size before the op. A fan’s comment prompted a discussion about their breast size, with Nicki Minaj sharing her frustration at how large they were after having her son.  

“Boo boo, if I tell you what size my t###### was. I can promise you, once nature did what they had to do for Papa Bear. It’s no way your boobs right now are still able to look like that and be all sexy and cute and stuff like that in your dresses. Trust me. You did not have the size that I had.” 

JT interjected to ask just how big they were before sharing her own struggles trying to get clothes to fit correctly.  

“If tell you the size…Do you wanna hear the size that they were?” The “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” hitmaker asked. JT said she did, and so Nicki Minaj obliged. “Triple E, double FF. So, trust me, boo boo. You didn’t have what Onika Tanya had because you would have been doing the same thing I did.” 

Although JT said her large breasts make her “look wider’ than she is, Nicki warned her against making changes. “Your breasts are perfect. I like how they look. You ain’t there yet,’ she said before advising JT not to go under the knife.  

Nicki Minaj first confirmed her breast reduction surgery earlier this month. She took to Instagram to share a video of her slimmed-down cleavage while promoting her “Barbie World” collaboration with Ice Spice.  

“New boobs who dis?” she teased in the comment section.  

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