Nicki Minaj Hints At An Upgrade: “New Boobs Who Dis?”

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj continues to pop out with that new new.

Nicki Minaj stays busy. Within six months, she’s blessed the game with as many songs. Be that as it may, the overloaded artist has taken the time to refine herself—quite literally, hinting at “new boobs.”

So, the diamond-certified lyricist keeps contributing to rap. Thus far, her perspective is continually impacting the genre. As a matter-of-fact, her persuasive curves are nearly as captivating as her creative acumen.

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Recently, the booth bully unleashed the girls. Well, kinda. Via an Instagram post, she sings along. The song features Ice Spice, and it’s slated to be included on the upcoming Barbie flick.

Of course, the receipt is here. Suffice it to say, a circulating screenshot serves as the official augmentation announcement. The respected rapper offers, “New boobs who dis?”

Obviously, the perky cleavage is peeking out of different plunging tops. Regardless, of their modest size, Mrs. Kenneth Petty appears to be pleased with the result.

Within the clip, the wordsmith raps, “I’m a 10 so I pull in a KEN.” Without a doubt, she seems happy with her alleged decision. After giving birth to her son more than a year ago, Nicki Minaj broached the cutting conversation.

As it stands, Nicki Minaj looks as if she is both happy and healthy. Keep it going, boo.