Nicki Minaj Bosses Up, Takes Ownership Stake In Sneaker Brand

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is bossing up with her latest business venture. Read more about her new ownership stake in a sneaker company!

Nicki Minaj is flexing her business muscles with a substantial ownership stake in the UK-based footwear company LØCI.

Her stake in the company represents Nicki Minaj’s strategic move into fashion entrepreneurship, which is marked by innovation and a commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

Speaking about her new role, Nicki Minaj expressed her enthusiasm for her hands-on involvement.

“Designing this collection with LØCI has been incredibly fulfilling creatively. As an owner, I’m eager to fuse my artistic vision with sustainable fashion solutions, ensuring we not only create exquisite sneakers but also contribute positively to the environment.”

LØCI was launched in 2021 by brothers Emmanuel and Frank Eribo.

Nicki Minaj’s involvement with the company was announced last week when she announced she was designing her online sneaks, sending members of her 250 million-plus fan base into a frenzy.

Their collaboration has gone to the next level with Nicki’s new ownership in the business. 

Her role extends beyond that of a passive investor; she is set to actively develop the company’s products.

Nicki’s line promises to blend her fashion sense with the brand’s ethos of sustainability and luxury. 

Her debut collection features five distinct sneaker styles in eleven colorways.

This collaboration comes at a time when LØCI is gaining substantial traction among celebrities and fashion influencers globally. The company cites its popularity as a pivot point for this partnership.

Scheduled for release in late 2024, the sneakers will be priced between $185-$200.

The collection will be available globally, offering fans and fashion-forward consumers the opportunity to own a piece of wearable art designed by Nicki Minaj that supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

Will Nicki’s artistic vision and LØCI’s commitment to sustainability inspire a new era of fashionable and eco-friendly footwear? 

Only time will tell.