Nicki Minaj’s Songs Reportedly Still Up For Grammy Rap Categories

Nicki Minaj

Apparently, neither #SuperFreakyGirl nor #BigEnergy had the chance for a Best Rap Performance nod.

A dispute over potential Grammy nominations caused a firestorm on Twitter. Hip Hop star Nicki Minaj called out the Recording Academy for allegedly moving her “Super Freaky Girl” single to the Pop categories.

“I have no prob being moved out [of] the RAP category as long as we [are] ALL being treated FAIRLY. If ‘Super Freaky Girl’ has [to be] moved out RAP then so does ‘Big Energy’!” tweeted Nicki Minaj on October 13.

The New York City-bred rapper continued, “[Anyone] who says [differently] is simply a Nicki hater or a troll. I’d actually LUV 2 c a more street record win- male OR female! IJS rightIsRight 🫡.”

“Do We Have a Problem?” By Nicki Minaj Could Land A Rap Nomination

According to a new report, some of Nicki Minaj’s music will still have the chance to win a Grammy Award in the rap division. Variety ran an article claiming Minaj may appear in rap categories, just not “Super Freaky Girl.”

“Grammy voters who’ve received their ballots tell Variety that Minaj is in contention in the best rap performance category for another song of hers, ‘Do We Have a Problem?’ which has a featured appearance from Lil Baby,” wrote Chris Willman.

The publication’s Senior Music Writer added, “The Grammys’ rap screening committee apparently considered this more of a true [Hip Hop song] and ‘Super Freaky Girl’ more Pop in nature, splitting the difference.”

“Super Freaky Girl” & “Big Energy” Likely Would Not Have Faced Off For Best Rap Performance

According to Willman, Nicki Minaj appears eight times on the Grammy ballot. “Super Freaky Girl” remains in the Pop category. The Recording Academy listed Minaj five times in rap categories. She also has the chance to earn two nods in the music video section.

Nicki Minaj’s complaints about the Grammy nominating process led to a bitter Twitter feud with “Big Energy” creator Latto. Over the course of several hours, the two rappers went back and forth on social media.

Apparently, only a live version of Latto’s “Big Energy” is included in the Best Melodic Rap Performance submissions instead of Best Rap Performance. The Atlanta native could see other Best Rap Performance nominations for “Sunshine,” “Mind Yo Business,” or “Booty.”