Latto Posts Phone Conversation With Nicki Minaj As The Rappers Clash On Twitter


The social media feud between #Latto and #NickiMinaj rages on.

Many music fans woke up this morning to learn that Latto and Nicki Minaj have serious beef. An overnight spat between the two rappers played out for hours on social media.

While the feud went public on Thursday, the two music stars seemed to have had some level of personal conflict for months. Rumors suggested an interview Latto did with Jason Lee did not sit well with Nicki Minaj. Latto talked about how more female rappers are “thriving” now versus the time period when Minaj basically ruled alone.

The most recent online altercation apparently began because Nicki Minaj took issue with the Grammy committee moving her “Super Freaky Girl” single to the Pop category. Minaj specifically called out Latto’s “Big Energy” remaining in contention for rap-focused Grammys.

As a result, Latto fired back at Nicki Minaj which led to both women posting numerous tweets taking aim at each other. Minaj eventually deleted most of her tweets, but her current adversary kept her tweets about Minaj on the platform.

One of Latto’s tweets read, “With all this being said this wasn’t JUST about a Grammy category. U being funny bringing me up to defend [your] case knowing our last convo didn’t end on good terms. U literally told me I’m not ‘flourishing’ and no one cares about my ‘little song’ [on the phone]. lol. @NICKIMINAJ.”

Around 4 am ET, Latto uploaded audio of what appeared to be a phone conversation with Nicki Minaj. She captioned the tweet, “Lemme specify I’m sorry. I’m delusional for saying ‘we’re’ (newer female rappers) are flourishing & [you] said no one cares about my little song LYRICS my bad. FYI, I only recorded [because] I KNOW who [the f###] I’m playing [with] #40yroldbully.”

In the conversation, Latto can be heard saying, “I’ve done nothing to you.” Minaj responds, “I’m acting crazy because you said something that is clearly delusional?” Latto then asked, “It’s delusional to say that other girls are flourishing?”

In addition, Latto told Minaj, “I never said you’re no longer running s###. I said that there are other females flourishing. What is the problem with that?” The 777 album creator went on to say she would support Minaj “from the sidelines.”

Latto then explained, “I can’t do it publicly when someone is literally sub-tweeting me for no reason, purposely trying to misinterpret what I’m saying. I respect you too much to go back and forth with you.”

The conversation also included Nicki Minaj telling Latto, “It’s not going to benefit you. You understand? If people around you cared about you, they would’ve told you that’s not going to benefit you.”

Latto asked, “What’s not going to benefit me?” At that point, Nicki Minaj apparently ended the telephone call. As of press time, Latto’s tweet with the phone clips has been retweeted over 5,00 times with more than 14,000 likes.

Nicki Minaj has yet to directly respond to Latto posting their phone conversation. About an hour before Latto shared that audio, Minaj claimed she also recorded the entire exchange. However, the 39-year-old entertainer did not post her version of the call.

#40yroldbully became a trending topic on Twitter as people on the app weighed in on Latto vs Nicki Minaj. Additionally, the names of Minaj’s other longtime rivals, Lil Kim and Remy Ma, trended on the site too. Variety‘s post about Minaj calling out the Grammys is currently one of the top trending tweets.