NLE Choppa Claims He’s The Most Accomplished Rapper For His Age After Roddy Ricch Comments 

NLE Choppa said nobody compares to him after Roddy Ricch claimed to be in the top 3 rappers under 25 alongside NBA Youngboy & Kodak Black.

NLE Choppa has thrown his hat in the ring for the discussion surrounding the “Top Rappers Under 25” conversation that arose recently after Roddy Ricch named himself, YBN Youngboy, and Kodak Black as the elite three.  

He took to Twitter with a reminder for his fans. “Best under 25.. it’s crazy to not mention me when you realize I’m only 19,” NLE Choppa began before listing off his accolades. “You don’t have to like my music but my numbers are undeniable. 16 Gold And Platinum Plaques, 6 Songs Over 100M, 6 Billion Streams Worldwide, Sold Out Tour In US, Also Currently Selling out EUROPE TOO 🐐” 

NLE Choppa continued, stating he’s without comparison and laid claim to the title of most accomplished rapper for his age.  

“You can’t compare me to no n####,” he said. “I’m literally the youngest doing it and it ain’t one person at my age done what I’ve done so far. Everybody else got atleast 3 years on me average. Then it’s me 3 years in the game and I’ve already did more than some n##### whole career.” 

While he didn’t mention what or who prompted his tweets, Roddy Ricch’s recent comments on Power 106 may have come his way. During the interview, the host asked who he considers the “Big Three” of his generation. “There’s a few,” he replied before asking for a specific age range. Once they settled on 20 to 25 Roddy Ricch decided on his three. “I’d say me, and Youngboy, and Kodak. That’s the age range right there.” Roddy added. 

Back in April, NLE Choppa claimed to be the successor to NBA Youngboy. “The hottest youngin since YB, the hottest out my city,” he raps on “Yak Flow.”

While fans debated the question under his tweets, NLE Choppa took to Instagram to show off his international earnings.  

I don’t do dollars anymore,” NLE Choppa declared before flaunting a stack of Euros. “New Name International CHOP,” he added in the caption. “Pay Me In Euros, Franks And Pounds!” 

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He also shared a video of fans surrounding his vehicle before his show in Poland. “Feel Like Michael Jackson Or Some RIP THE GOAT,” he said.  

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