NLE Choppa Goes “Hood Christmas Caroling” Gets Mistaken For Chris Brown 

NLE Choppa Chris Brown

NLE Choppa had a hilarious encounter with a Walmart employee who mistook the carol singing rapper for Chris Brown. 

NLE Choppa delighted a Chris Brown fan who mistakenly thought she met her idol singing Christmas Carols in Walmart. 

The “Shotta Flow” hitmaker recently got into the holiday spirit, joining a group of singers for a “hood Christmas caroling” YouTube video. The video shows the group dressed in robes as they make the rounds performing at various stories. They received a standing ovation at Sephora, but the staff at Apple were less than impressed by the singers. Store employees booted NLE Choppa and friends out of the store midway through a performance of his track “S### Me Out.” 

Undeterred, the carolers continued to Walmart, where they stunned shoppers with their rendition of Drake, Sexyy Red, and SZA’s####, “Rich Baby Daddy.”  

As Choppa began performing some Breezy-like dance moves, one confused employee questioned, “Chris Brown is here?!”  

NLE Choppa nods, playing along before the woman yells, “Chris! “I love you, Chris Brown!” 

Continuing the façade, NLE Choppa thanks the fan and launches into Chris Brown’s “Wall To Wall.” 

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Meanwhile, on Monday (December 18), NLE Choppa hosted a Christmas toy giveaway at the McFarland Community Center in his native Memphis. 

“I wanted to be able to share this blessing with all of y’all. How many of y’all ready to get to the toys?” NLE Choppa asked the kids at the event. “I’m trying to make it normal to give back because I know people ain’t in the same position as me. I want to be able to keep helping the people that’s less fortunate.” 

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