NLE Choppa Slams Deadbeat Dad Accusations: “Y’all Want Black Men To Be Bad Fathers So Bad” 

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa clapped back at the allegations he’s a deadbeat dad telling critics to mind their business and look after their own kids.

NLE Choppa is fighting back against claims he doesn’t care for his kids after he was criticized for not attending a baby shower hosted by the mother of his unborn child.  

It all started when NLE shared a video defending “Pound Town” hitmaker Sexyy Red from online hate. While many praised the rapper for speaking up, others addressed his relationship with the mother of his unborn child. 

One said they wished the rapper “had this energy for his pregnant bm while she was going through a mental Breakdown getting dragged by the world.”  

NLE Choppa responded to the comment claiming, “she was dragging me and got dragged in the process.” He insisted, “We fixed our problems privately tho.” 

Another user called him out for skipping out on his on-again-off-again girlfriend Marissa DaNae’s baby shower.  

“Your bm was at her baby shower by herself yesterday,” they wrote. “I don’t want to hear s### from you about uplifting and supporting women.”.” 

NLE Choppa Denies He’s A Deadbeat Dad

Although NLE Choppa didn’t address the tweet directly, he followed up with a post telling folks to mind their business and look after their own kids.  

“Y’all want black men to be bad fathers sooooooo bad!!” he replied. “Issa epidemic out here, not the Covid one, but the one that cause you to be all in the next person business ! Meanwhile lil Tay Tay nose running, pamper s#####, and stomach empty. That’s TT baby more than yours.” 

He also shared a series of videos with his daughter, who turned three last month.  

“Such a bad father, Awful Parent, Narcissist,” he wrote before adding “#IAMNOT.” 

Marissa DaNae also defended NLE Choppa against the deadbeat dad allegations.  

“My child’s father is out the country,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I done explained that multiple times. We are good. My child is wanted.”