NLE Choppa Talks Working With 50 Cent & Mental Health Concerns In The Black Community

“Everything you feed your mind, your soul, your body, it affects you.”

Last month, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson released the “Part of the Game” music video. The record was presented as the theme song for the Starz cable network’s upcoming 1990s-set Power Book III: Raising Kanan television series.

50 Cent recruited rising Memphis rapper NLE Choppa and up-and-coming singer Rileyy Lanez as features for “Part of the Game.” Choppa was interviewed for Fox Soul’s The Mix talk show on Tuesday, and he was asked about collaborating with the legendary Hip Hop artist/entrepreneur.

“It was beautiful. I’m just real thankful for the opportunity,” stated Choppa. “[50 Cent] hit me up like, ‘I got this song for this tv show.’ I knew I had to step up to the plate and deliver on that one. I said, ‘I can’t half-step or nothing.’ So I was just blessed with the opportunity of working with a legend.”

While speaking with The Mix hosts, NLE Choppa also discussed mental health. The 18-year-old Memphis native spoke about the Black community dealing with the stigma that is sometimes placed on confronting issues such as anxiety and depression.

“The problems we face, the trauma we see on a daily basis, how we’re treated just off the melanin skin that we got – a lot of people don’t know that they be facing a type of mental illness. They don’t know the things they’re seeing – all this police brutality – everything you feed your mind, your soul, your body, it affects you.”

The From Dark to Light creator continued, “I just feel like a lot of people.. they realize what they’re going through, but they don’t know how to cope with what they’re going through to get over that hump. I actually found out it’s a lot of stuff you can do to cope with it. Ever since I found that out I’ve been living a lot better. It always starts up here [points to his head]. It’s never gonna start nowhere else but your mindset.”

NLE Choppa went on to say that slowing down his mind through meditation has helped him manage his own battles with anxiety. He also uses his social media accounts to promote positive affirmations and his version of healthy eating. Additionally, the “Shotta Flow” rapper is selling NLE Mugwart on his health and wellness website.