NLE Choppa’s Mom Says The Rapper Is Missing

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa may be missing and his mother is asking for help from the community in locating her son, who has gone “ghost.”

Earlier in the week, NLE Choppa was engaged in a heated exchange with online detractors questioning his relevance and now he’s disappeared, according to his mother.

Angeleta Potts, the rapper’s mother and one-time manager, took to social media to express her deep concern. She said NLE previously made plans to return to Cottonwood, a place he left as his career exploded.

“I haven’t heard from my son in hours, which is highly unusual for him,” Angeleta shared in her Instagram post. She stressed her son has never vanished without reason before, always maintaining open communication with her.

“One thing I’ve always known about my son is that he never disappears without explanation,” she remarked.

A member of NLE Choppa’s team also posted a tweet on his official X (formerly Twitter) account, urging the public to contact his mother if they had any information about his whereabouts.

Below are the messages from social media.