NYPD Names Teen Rapper C Blu As The Shooter Of Bronx Cop

C Blu

The boy allegedly shot himself before grazing the officer.

Law enforcement has identified the person who recently shot an NYPD officer in the Bronx. Reports named rapper C Blu, aka Camrin Williams, as the shooter, revealing his name despite him being a minor.

According to the Daily News, the 16 years old is a Bronx native and is being accused of shooting the officer during a tussle over the kid’s stolen gun. C Blu is a rising voice in the Bronx Drill movement and is friends with another popular rapper named Kay Flock.

NYPD reports that officers were called to break up a “disorderly crowd” near a building on Lorillard Place near Third Ave. The young rapper was a part of the crowd. However, when a police officer told him to do something, he refused to follow directives that a cop gave. The officer instructed him to take his hands out of his pockets, and it was this act of defiance that launched the fight between the officer and the child.

During the altercation, C Blu shot himself in the leg. The bullet went through his leg and grazed Officer Kaseem Pennant’s leg.

C Blu was arraigned this week in Bronx Supreme Court. Assistant District Attorney Joseph Maniscalco noted at the arraignment that before this most recent incident, the 11th grader was already on probation for gun possession.

“This defendant has taken to social media and appeared multiple times displaying a firearm that looks similar to the firearm he possessed in the incident,” Maniscalco said.

Still, despite the testimony of the cops, C Blu has pleaded not guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree assault, and other weapons charges.

His lawyer, Dawn Florio, said, “My client never touched the gun. You could hear the people saying that they thought the police officer shot my client.”

Tekashi’s old attorney worked to get the judge to set his bail at $200,000 and further charges that her client is targeted because of his celebrity.

She presented her artist’s as a high school kid who raps also.

C Blu is interesting and some of this is true. He said once in a YouTube interview earlier this month that he wanted to go to college. He said, “I’m still at school s— still. You gotta be smart … I want to be a biochemist, besides this rapping s—. I was really into science.”