October 20 Officially “Lil Nas X Day” In Atlanta

Lil Nas X received the honor and a special plaque from Atlanta’s first Black LQBTQ council member and mayoral candidate, Antonio Brown.

Lil Nas X is having an incredible year, that much is indisputable. While he may have his critics, he just keeps racking up wins nonetheless. And do you know what else he has? His own special day after his hometown of Atlanta dedicated a day in his honor.  

Atlanta City Council has officially declared October 20 as “Lil Nas X Day.” A special dinner and ceremony were held last night at The Gathering Spot to commemorate the event. The “Industry Baby” rapper was surprised with a proclamation, presented by councilman and mayoral candidate Antonio Brown. The city councilman is Atlanta’s first Black LQBTQ council member and if elected, will be the first LGBTQ mayor. In his speech, Brown thanked Lil Nas and told him: “You inspire me and allow be to believe I can do it.” 

Take a look at the proclamation Lil Nas X received. 

Picking Up A No.1 Hit Song With Jack Harlowe 

On Tuesday the rapper took to Twitter to share how he broke the news to Jack Harlowe that their single, “Industry Baby” had hit the No. 1 spot. “facetimed jack harlow yesterday morning to tell him industry baby went number 1,” He said before revealing “he cried, then i crew as well, we both crode.” 

Lil Nas X Celebrating With Jack Harlowe On The Streets Of Hollywood 


His day just got better and better with the announcement that he nabbed six MTV EMA nominations. Only Justin Bieber scored more, receiving a total of eight while Doja Cat also received 6 nominations.  

Lil Nas X MTV EMA Nominations  

He topped off his eventful few days by celebrating the success of his album with the lovely Chloe Bailey. 


Watch The Video For “Industry Baby” Below