Offset Responds To J. Prince’s Threat, Refuses To Play “Internet Games”


Offset said he wants to have a conversation after J. Prince warned him “Don’t ever put me in a position where I have to defend myself.”

Offset fired back at J. Prince after the Rap-A-Lot Records founder sent him a menacing message. 

The platinum-selling recording artist was responding to Prince’s comments during his recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. According to J. Prince, despite how it appears from the outside, Offset wasn’t there for Takeoff when he was alive. 

“Aint nothing changed with my love for Quavo,” the Mob Ties founder told Gillie and Wallo. “But the Offset dude.” 

He continued. “N##### be throwing rocks and hiding they hand, and I don’t like them kind of individuals. In reality, the truth of the matter is, n#### you wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive. So, for you to be taking these positions you taking,” he said, adding that he hears “all kinds of things.”  

Then, J. Prince addressed Offset directly, issuing him with a warning. “Don’t ever put me in a position where I have to defend myself,” he declared. “That wouldn’t be healthy for you.” 

Offset Responds To J. Prince

Offset caught wind of the interview and took to Instagram with a video response.  

“Y’all n##### speaking on my real brother,” he began. “How dare one of y’all n##### even speak on me and Take relationship I don’t know you n##### from a can of paint. Ya’ll n##### don’t know how me and my brother rock.” 

He also blasted J. Prince for continuing to discuss Takeoff in numerous interviews. “You aint think about their momma?” he questioned, before adding, “We ain’t said nothing. Ain’t nobody said nothing but you n#####.” 

Offset accused Prince of acting on hearsay and said he’s not about to play “internet games” with the music exec. “Call my phone, we’ll have a conversation,” he concluded. Check out the clip below. 

As reported by, Takeoff was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley on Nov. 1 by someone said to be associated with J Prince