Omarion Addresses Getting Blamed For The COVID-19 Omicron Variant


Did the “Ice Box” performer respond to LaKeith Stanfield?

R&B singer Omarion wants to enter 2022 without the baggage of being connected with coronavirus. Ever since the Omicron variant of COVID-19 became international news, people on the internet jokingly pointed the finger at Omarion.

The B2K member had something to say to the world about the Omicron wisecracks. Omarion delivered an NYE message during a segment on ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve television special.

“Now I know that there has been a lot of confusion online recently, so my lawyers asked me to read this: I, Omarion, am a musician, an entertainer – you knew that – not a variant,” said the 37-year-old O album creator.

He continued, “The last time I had to do this was in 2000 when everyone confused Y2K with B2K. That ain’t how it’s supposed to be. No, but seriously, I want to wish you all a happy and safe new year’s. Peace.”

Omarion posted the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve clip to his Instagram page. The IG caption read:

@rockineve 🎯 We gone start this thang off right. #2022 Been getting a lot of disrespectful DM’s from folks I never did nothing to. Its time to address this. A Prosperous New year to all 🙌🏾. #imserioustho#Drop1 & Drop2

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It is very likely the “disrespectful DM’s” Omarion was referring to included a message from Atlanta actor LaKeith Stanfield. Last week, Stanfield shared a lighthearted DM where he joked about Omarion ruining Christmas because of the rise in Omicron cases.

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