Papoose Talks Furious Pace Of Album Releases Before Retirement And Death Of DMX

Papoose talks about releasing an album every month ahead of his retirement, and how DMX inspired his career. 

Papoose plans to drop a new monthly EP throughout 2021, ahead of bowing out of the rap game.

The hitmaker has announced this year will be his “last year rapping”, and he plans to go out with a bang, releasing new music every four weeks.

“Before I retire, to show my thanks and my appreciation to all my supporters, I’m gonna drop an EP every month this year, titled after the current month,” he tells Billboard.

January, February, and March EPs have already dropped and his April release will come before the end of the month.

During his interview, Papoose also addressed his hero DMX’s death, stating, “This guy came from nothing and made himself, he became larger than life.

“Every time I ever ran into that brother, it was a teachable moment, enjoying laughter together, he dropping jewels on (me). I came up listening to X, so to finally meet him and I’m trying to explain to him, ‘Yo, I came up listening to you, I respect your work’. This is a brother who’s not cocky. He’s telling me, ‘Nah, man. I respect what you’re doing, dog. And I wish you the best blessings on your career’. He’s giving it right back to me.”