Pardison Fontaine Reacts To Rumor He Cheated On Megan Thee Stallion In Her Own Bed  

Megan Thee Stallion’s new single “Cobra” has fans dragging Pardison Fontaine for allegedly cheating on the Houston rapper.   

Pardison Fontaine is catching heat from fans who believe he cheated on Megan Thee Stallion following the release of her new single, “Cobra.” 

The Grammy Award-winning rapper shared the stunning visuals for her first single as an independent artist Friday (November 3). Watch the video below.  

While fans praised her lyrical abilities and vulnerability on the track – Megan gets candid about her struggles with depressional and suicidal ideation – they lost it over one line in particular. 

The lyric in question sees Meg recalling the time she caught a cheating ex with his pants down. To add insult to injury, she claims the dirty deed took place in her own bed.     

“Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his dick sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’,” Meg raps. “Lord, give me a break, I don’t know how much more of this s### I can take.” 

Fans immediately began sharing their reaction on social media, pointing to Megan Thee Stallion ex’s Pardison Fontaine as the “Cobra” cheater. 

“pardi cheated on Megan,” one X user wrote, sharing a snippet from the song. “You weird bro you lost a good woman anyways #cobra ate.” 

They also targeted Pardi’s Instagram account, trolling him in the comment section of his latest posts.  

“How you get your dream girl then fumble like that,” one person wrote. “Pardison I can’t believe you omggg,” another stated, before adding Megan The Stallion “was the best you ever came across.”

A third person took aim at Pardi’s career, writing, “You’re dead ass wrong and that’s why you haven’t had a hit since cardi pardi!!” 

The “Backin’ It Up” hitmaker caught wind of the backlash and promptly limited the comments on his IG account. Check out some of the reactions below.  

Instagram/Pardison Fontaine