Patreon Questions Identity Of R. Kelly’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage

Over 2,000 users reportedly paid the membership fee ($3 to $25) in order to read the tell-all post.

(AllHipHop News) Someone claiming to be Joycelyn Savage, one of Robert “R.” Kelly’s longtime girlfriends, released damning remarks on Patreon. The statement accused Kelly of mental manipulation, physical abuse, and forced abortions. 

The pay-to-view post quickly went viral. However, Patreon is apparently questioning if Savage is really the person behind that particular membership account. 

TMZ reports:

A source at Patreon, the company hosting the account, tells us Patreon tried Monday to verify the account. We’re told the owner of the account will have a couple [of] days to provide proof they’re the real Joycelyn, or they’ll be shut down. Our source tells us the user will have to provide a government-issued form of identification to satisfy Patreon.

Kelly’s attorney seems to believe Savage is the author of the Patreon post. Steve Greenberg told TMZ, “It is unfortunate that Jocelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert.”

Savage’s family have been claiming for years that she was being held by Kelly without her consent. During an infamous interview with Gayle King, Savage and Kelly’s other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, defended the R&B singer against allegations of sexual misconduct and mental abuse.

In June, R. Kelly’s former manager, James Mason, was indicted in Georgia for threatening Joycelyn’s father Timothy Savage. Kelly is currently awaiting several trials for multiple state and federal sex-related crimes in Illinois, New York, and Minnesota.