Peace In The LBC: Snoop Dogg & OG Bigg Flossy B Make Peace

Snoop Dogg & OG Bigg Flossy B Peace It Out!

Two of Long Beach’s bosses have come together for the greater good.

It was rumored that Snoop Dogg was kicked out of his native Long Beach, California by some real Crip OG’s. However, the matter may have been misconstrued by internet fanatics. Either way, the matter has been resolved and Snoop and Bigg Flossy B have posted a video as proof.

“We came to a resolution. We gonna get the city right. That’s what this was all about,” said Bigg Flossy B in a video released on Friday. “[Snoop] is here to stay. He ain’t going nowhere.”
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Snoop concurred.

“We on something positive now. We gonna get the whole city behind us. Its about being able to have confrontation and being able to have a resolution – end it without not violence and move forward to make sure the whole city wins. Its an LBC thing,” Snoop stated.

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“All the rumors and all of that – were here…we together…” Bigg Flossy said.