PETA Responds To Saweetie’s Name-Drop In “Icy Chain” Single

The organization’s Senior Vice President releases a statement.

It has been a huge week for Warner recording artist Saweetie. The California-raised rapper performed on Saturday Night Live and earned two Grammy nominations.

During her set on SNL, Saweetie ran through her new single titled “Icy Chain.” The song includes lyrics about the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“Mink on my body like I just went hunting. Tell PETA I’m being one hunnid,” raps Saweetie on “Icy Chain.” In response, PETA plans to send Saweetie a luxe faux-fur coat from Apparis in the hopes of inspiring a change of heart. 

PETA also released an official statement about the track. The group’s Senior Vice President, Lisa Lange, provided a comment addressing the “Icy Chain” line.

“We’ll be 100, too: It’s a shame that the icy girl seems to have an icy heart,” said Lisa Lange. “PETA hopes that once Saweetie sees how luxurious faux-fur coats are, she’ll ditch the ones made from animals who valued their lives and were tormented and killed for a look that says, ‘I don’t care how others suffer.'”

PETA worked with other Hip Hop artists in the past. Styles P of The Lox recorded a “Love Is Love” public service announcement for the organization in 2018. Two years later, Mariah Carey presented Jermaine Dupri with PETA’s Humanitarian Award.