PinkPantheress Sparks Debate After Saying Songs Don’t Need To Be Longer Than 3 Minutes


TDE President Punch questions the singer’s take on bridges and verses.

The recent Kendrick Lamar versus Drake battle showed that Hip-Hop fans can consume six-minute-long records. However, pop star PinkPantheress believes most songs should be under three minutes.

“I was able to experiment and making short songs was just a result of me experimenting. A song doesn’t need to be longer than two minutes [and] thirty [seconds], in my opinion,” PinkPantheress stated during an interview with ABC News.

The 23-year-old British singer/songwriter continued, “We don’t need to repeat a verse, we don’t need to have a bridge, we don’t need it. We don’t need a long outro.”

A clip of those comments by PinkPantheress hit X. Music fans then debated the ideal length of songs. For example, Top Dawg Entertainment president Terrence “Punch” Henderson tweeted, “No more bridges?”

Other social media users called PinkPantheress lazy and criticized her for feeding into the short attention span of the TikTok music era. In contrast, some people agreed with the “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” hitmaker’s take that not every song needs to be at least three minutes.

“Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” comes in at 2:11. The track features Bronx-bred rapper Ice Spice who also regularly puts out under-3-minute singles. PinkPantheress released “Turn It Up” on May 24. That record plays for two minutes and twenty-seven seconds.