Polo G Calls Out Murda Beatz For Claiming Songwriting Credit On “Rapstar”

There is a dispute over the creation of the #1 song in America.

It appears Taurus “Polo G” Bartlett and Shane “Murda Beatz” Lindstrom are not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to songwriting credits for Polo’s “Rapstar” single. The “Doors Unlocked” collaborators took to social media to give their side of the story.

Over the last several days, Murda Beatz has been celebrating “Rapstar” hitting the #1 spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. The Canadian producer posted screenshots apparently showing he is credited as a songwriter for the track.

On April 22, Murda tweeted, “Another #1. Been a crazy week. Proud of this one. Congrats to everyone involved.” A few days later he added, “2 Weeks in a row we got the #1 record… Salute 2 everyone involved. #RAPSTAR Keep God first.”

Polo G apparently took issue with Murda Beatz implying he was heavily involved in the creation of “Rapstar.” The Chicago-bred rapper wrote a response to the 27-year-old production wiz on his Instagram Story.

“Ok… ‘Rapstar’ that’s currently on YouTube was only produced by Einer and Synco. Not only that, but YK. Damn, well ain’t no n#### help me write s###, so for Murda and his camp to keep postin’ that s### is lame asl,” Polo stated.

Murda Beatz then returned to Twitter to offer a rebuttal. His initial tweets seemed to be subliminal replies to the 22-year-old Columbia recording artist, but a later tweet made it clear he was defending his involvement in the creation of Polo’s#### record by sharing a link to a Spotify page that lists him as a songwriter.

“Proud of this song we made a couple of years ago and now it’s a global hit,” declared Murda on Twitter. “Original creators always get credited on songs even if remade. Nothing but love.”

According to Tidal, Bay Area native Synco and ukulele player Einer Bankz are credited as the official producers for “Rapstar.” Murda Beatz (as Shane Lindstrom) is credited as a composer and lyricist along with Polo G, Einer Bankz, and Alexander Wu.