Polo G & G Herbo Sued By Concert Promoter For $300,000

Polo G

Charles Potter of NoNaNi Entertainment reportedly blames Polo G and G Herbo for the cancellation of a festival in Tampa.

A concert promoter sued Polo G and G Herbo for allegedly forcing him to cancel a festival the two were supposed to headline.

According to TMZ, Charles Potter of NoNaNi Entertainment booked Polo G and G Herbo to perform at a festival called Hoopz and Hip Hop. The event was supposed to take place at Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Potter says he spent nearly $200,000 on the venue, staging, lighting, advertising and hosts for the event. But he eventually had to cancel the festival, blaming Polo G and G Herbo for not fulfilling their contractual obligations.

The promoter is now asking for $300,000 in damages in a lawsuit against the Chicago natives.

His lawsuit claims Polo G and G Herbo double booked shows on the same day as the festival. Potter accuses Polo G of promoting another event in Tampa while G Herbo secured a show in Atlanta.

Potter says Polo G received a $105,000 deposit for the festival. G Herbo got a $43,000 deposit.

Both rappers allegedly failed to promote the Hoopz and Hip Hop festival on social media despite their contracts requiring them to do so. Potter allegedly axed the event due to the double bookings and nonexistent promotion, losing thousands of dollars.