Pooh Shiesty Lays His Brother TeeDa P To Rest, Vows To Take Care Of His Son 

Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty made a commitment to his late brother TeeDa P and has promised to take care of his family. 

This week was somber for critically acclaimed rapper Pooh Sheisty. Unfortunately, the Memphis bred rapper had to lay his older brother to rest.

TeeDa P, born Tarrance Henderson, TeeDa P died on Feb. 28th, after a battle with brain cancer at the age of 27. 

A memorial service was held on Wednesday (March 10th), where Pooh and his family said their final goodbyes to TeeDa P.

In a touching message earlier today (March 13th), Pooh Shiesty vowed to take care of his brother’s young son, and ensure the rest of their family’s well-being. 

“Instead of crashing I’m doing everything for you, no worries yo son mines now you know I got our momma In good hands finally got ha situated like we always wanted to,” Pooh Shiesty said revealing their mother was taking TeeDa P’s death hard. 


The young rapper pledged to keep his mother motivated, even though he is still grieving himself. 

“I gotta keep ha motivated put ha I’m a new car I really don’t know what to do s### f##### me up I’m trying keep s### together but I got nun left you was my all ain’t no Pooh Shiesty without tee da p u named me though I couldn’t hurt nomo after treday💔💔💔💔💔💔💔,” Pooh Shiesty revealed.

TeeDa P was doing well as an upcoming artist like his younger brother. Earlier this year, TeeDa P dropped his album Halftime.

A variety of rappers offered up support to Pooh Shiesty, who is arguably the hottest artist signed to Gucci Mane’s The New 1017 record label. 

Drake, who is one of the most popular rappers in the world, sent a voice message to Pooh Shiesty when he found out about the death of TeeDa P. 

“I just want to send you my condolences, man…and just let you know that the cycle of life is unfair. It just hits us so hard. Money can’t change that… Something I just went through too with one of my friends.”