Pop Smoke’s Brother Warned Late Rapper About The Gang Life

Pop Smoke’s brother Obasi said he attempted to keep the rapper away from gang activity before his tragic death in February of 2020.

Pop Smoke’s brother Obasi said he attempted to keep the rapper away from gang activity before His tragic death in February of 2020.

Rapper Pop Smoke was warned about the perils of being in a gang long before he became a celebrated Hip-Hop star.

Pop Smoke was killed on February 19th, 2020 after he was targeted by a 15-year-old gunman and several of his associates, at an Airbnb in The Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles.

The young thieves were apparently after Pop Smoke’s Rolex, according to testimony recently given by a detective earlier this week during a hearing for a 20-year-old suspect charged in the case.

His brother, Obasi Jackson, took to social media to talk about trying to discourage him from joining the notorious Crips gang.

He captioned, “On God we gon figure this out @realpopsmoke I tried to warn you about this gang s###… I should’ve tried harder. It’s not fair how they doing you and I’m not allowing people to say they love you without proper recognition to you or the family!!! #period.”

In an image he continued (printed as posted), “Something not right about this case! The info not matching and ppl moving crazy. Bashar on God we getting to the bottom of it I’m sorry da real wasn’t with you. I’m sorry you said n##### would shoot back and they didn’t. I’m sorry you thought n##### would fight for you and theyre not even doing that in death.

“It seems you were more valuable alive Everybody gets mad when I speak up cause it threatens there position in this gang s###. Since you been away pop, people’s love have been M.I.A.”

This emotional outpour is a result of a preliminary hearing for Corey Walker, a suspect in the “Enter the Woo” rapper’s murder case.

As AllHipHop.com reported, the invaders climbed through his window, shot the then 20-year-old, and repeatedly kicked him as he lay dying on that fateful night.

Obasi and Pop Smoke (whose real name is Bashar) both grew up with their parents, Greg and Audrey Jackson in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Like big bro, as a kid and before his gang activity, Pop Smoke excelled in African and contemporary dance, singing, acting, and basketball.