Pras Seeks New Trial; Claims Lawyer Used AI And Ruined His Chances At Favorable Verdict

Obama, Pras and Jho Low

Grammy Award-winning rapper Pras Michel has retained powerful new lawyers who claimed his former attorney used AI and ruined his trial.

After facing a significant legal setback in a conspiracy trial, Pras Michel, a foundational member of the legendary hip-hop group Fugees, is gearing up for a renewed legal battle. 

Pras wants a new trial, claiming his old attorney, David Kenner, tanked his case by using experimental AI to draft closing arguments, which resulted in him being convicted of 10 criminal counts, including conspiracy, witness tampering, and failing to register as an agent of China.

Pras was accused of aiding Malaysian entrepreneur Jho Low in his attempts to wield political clout in the United States. 

The charges against Pras were severe, painting a narrative of political maneuvering in exchange for $100 million. The courtroom drama spanned several weeks and was punctuated by testimonies from notable figures such as Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

Pras is attempting to clear his name and has aligned with the powerful law firm, ArentFox Schiff LLP, in his endeavor to argue for a new trial. 

This team boasts the expertise of Peter Zeidenberg, a renowned civil rights advocate, former US Senator Doug Jones, and Scott Peeler, Pras’s publicist Erica Dumas revealed. Their collective experience navigating intricate legal landscapes, especially in government probes and criminal defense, makes them a formidable ally for Pras in his pursuit of justice.

The new legal team claims Pras has grounds for a new trial since Kenner, who has represented artists like Suge Knight, Tory Lanez and others, used an experimental AI program to write the closing argument during Pras’ trial. 

Apparently, Kenner was not shy about using the technology. 

“We also found evidence indicating that this was true. Specifically, we identified a press release issued by a company called EyeLevel after the trial that stated: ‘EyeLevel.AI’s litigation assistance technology made history last week, becoming the first use of generative AI in a federal trial. The case involved Pras Michel, a former member of the Hip-Hop band The Fugees, who was on trial for international fraud charges,” Pras’ legal team argued. 

“It’s unconscionable that Mr. Kenner allegedly used A.I. to draft his closing arguments,” Dumas said.

Kenner boasted that EyeLevel’s AI turned “hours or days” of his legal work into “seconds.” Pras says that Kenner desperately needed the help of AI because the lawyer and his team were unprepared for closing arguments.

To make matters worse, Kenner apparently has a financial stake in EyeLevel.AI, which was not disclosed to the rapper. 

Pras feels like he was cheated, according to his reps, especially given the magnitude of the allegations against him and the fact that he is facing up to 20 years in prison.