Prosecutors Gun Case Against Blueface Crumbles In Court

Rapper Blueface emerged victorious in court after he caught a gun charge earlier this year.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Blueface escaped some serious charges earlier this week in California.

A felony gun case against the popular rapper was thrown out of court earlier this week when prosecutors admitted they did not have enough evidence against him.

Blueface, real name Johnathan Michael Porter, ran afoul of the law in February of 2019 after police received 911 calls about gang members who had congregated on a street in downtown Los Angeles.

When the cops rolled up on Blueface and his crew they took off and someone in the crew discarded a gun as they were fleeing.

Blueface was booked with felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm and was locked up until he posted $35,000 bail.

In the end, video evidence exonerated Blueface and resulted in all of the charges being dropped.

“Video evidence demonstrated the police misidentified Blueface possessing a gun,” Alex Kessel, told TMZ. “Justice prevails through video evidence, a fair judge and a bulldog attorney. A rapper prevails on the merits of the case, not his celebrity status.”