EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutors Say Man Charged With Killing Jam Master Jay Admitted To The Murder

Jam Master Jay - Run-DMC

Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington face trial for Jam Master Jay’s murder in 2023. A witness says Jordan confessed to the crime.

Prosecutors revealed the evidence they plan to submit in the Jam Master Jay murder trial.

According to prosecutors, Karl Jordan Jr. admitted he killed the Run-DMC member in a conversation with a witness. Jordan and Ronald Washington were charged with the murder of Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell.

“Jordan would often comment to Witness 5 that he had killed people, including Jordan insinuating that he had killed Mizell,” prosecutors said. “On one occasion, Jordan threatened Witness 5 with a gun and stated in substance that he would kill Witness 5 like he had killed Mizell.”

Other witnesses will testify about the link between the two men accused of murdering Jam Master Jay. Prosecutors claim Washington lamented the murder charges in a 2020 phone call, referring to Jordan as his “little man.”

“The government will elicit testimony from mutual associates of Washington and Jordan to help explain the nature of their relationship,” prosecutors explained. “Specifically, Washington was feared in Hollis, Queens and was known for possessing firearms, committing armed robberies and engaging in narcotics trafficking, often as an enforcer or security for traffickers. Indeed, one of the government witnesses who was with Washington on the day of Mizell’s murder (Witness 1) aided and abetted armed robberies committed by Washington.”

They continued, “Younger individuals in the neighborhood who were becoming involved in criminal activity, such as Jordan, respected and looked up to Washington as a ‘big homie’ due to his reputation. Shortly before Mizell’s murder, and after Washington returned to Hollis after serving a ten-year sentence in Baltimore, Maryland for narcotics trafficking, he and Jordan would work out and otherwise consort together.”

Prosecutors also accuse Jordan of dealing drugs with Jam Master Jay. Witnesses intend to clarify the late DJ’s involvement with his alleged killer.

“Witness testimony will also establish that Jordan was involved in narcotics trafficking and firearms offenses at that time, and that Jordan had previously asked that Mizell ‘put him on,’ or allow Jordan to participate in narcotics trafficking with Mizell,” lawyers disclosed. “Mizell had subsequently provided Jordan with a small quantity of cocaine to determine if Jordan could handle selling larger quantities.”

Another witness will testify about the possible murder weapon. Jordan allegedly had the same type of pistol used to shoot Jam Master Jay.

“Jordan was selling approximately 20-30 grams of cocaine per day and frequently carried a firearm,” prosecutors said. “Both Jordan and Witness 2 would secrete drugs and firearms in a van parked outside of [redacted] in Queens, where Jordan lived. Per Witness 2, a .40 caliber pistol used to be hidden in the van, and that same firearm went missing around the time of Mizell’s murder—notably, Mizell was shot with a .40 caliber pistol.”

Attorneys added, ‘Witness 2 also noted that Washington and Jordan were not ‘cool’ after Mizell’s murder based on Witness 2’s personal observations of the two of them together. Washington also stole a pellet gun from Witness 2 that Witness 2 believed Washington used to commit robberies, and Witness 2 saw Washington with firearms on numerous occasions around the time of Mizell’s murder. Notably, Witness 1 will also testify that Witness 1 observed Washington procure a pellet gun from Witness 2 prior to Mizell’s killing.”

The Jam Master Jay murder trial is scheduled to begin on February 20, 2023. If convicted, Jordan and Washington face up to life in prison.