Pusha T Tearfully Reflects On The Death Of His Parents

Puha T spoke candidly about the loss of his parents, which changed his idea of legacy during an interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

Pusha T was overcome with emotion as he discussed the tragic loss of both of his parents just four months apart. 

King Push is known for his way with words but struggled as he spoke candidly about how he coped with such a devastating loss. During an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Pusha recalled the loss of Mildred and Gene Thornton, one you can “never” be ready for.  

“I think the one thing that’s helped me deal with grief right now—my parents passed four months apart…I just know I was good with my parents, both of them, like really good,” he said. “Like, so, I grieve selfishly. I’m grieving now. But, man, it’s, um, they alright. I know it.” 

Pusha T confirmed the death of his parents changed his idea of legacy. 

“Legacy is everything right now for me,” Pusha said. “Because I understand that, in their passing, you know, I have so many great things to reference and, you know, with a tainted legacy you don’t have that. I think about my son and he’s, like, he’s gonna be able to look at the legacy of his dad and be like, ‘Oh man, he was amazing.’ Because that’s my goal. Because [my parents] were amazing.” 

Pusha T Admits “You’re Never Ready”

Pusha liked the death of a parent to losing a superhero. “I don’t care how old they are, how sick they are. You’re never ready,” he added. 

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After the interview, Pusha T thanked his host, sharing a clip on his Instagram account.  

“An interview is only as good as the interviewer…thank you @cthagod for your research, your time, and your platform to separate Terrence Thornton vs Pusha –T.”  Watch the full interview below.


Pusha T sat down with Charlemagne to promote his highly-anticipated upcoming album It’s Almost Dry. Last week he dropped his new single “Neck and Wrist” featuring JAY-Z and Pharrell Williams.