Pusha T Wants His Jay-Z Collaborations To Add To Hov’s Legacy

Pusha T

Pusha T discussed his collaborations with Jay-Z and praised the Roc Nation boss, crowning Hov “the best rapper.”

Pusha T sets a high standard for his collaborations with Jay-Z.

The Def Jam artist spoke about working with Jay-Z in an interview with SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie. Pusha T noted he only hits up the Roc Nation boss for a verse under the right circumstances.

“Hov, to me, he’s the best rapper, like just period,” he said. “So, when I reach out to him about a record, I feel like he sort of knows that I’m not reaching out to him about no b#######. I must really think that this is like a joint, something that’s gonna add to the great legacy that he has.”

The Clipse rapper most recently enlisted Jay-Z for the song “Neck & Wrist,” which appears on the new album It’s Almost Dry. Pusha T believed Hov would elevate the track.

“I basically just write the verse, lay the hook down,” he said. “I do everything and just send it to him with a space open — I send it and I just hope he hit back. He’ll hit back. And this particular time he was like, ‘Man, what you want me to say to this man? You going crazy!’ And I was like, ‘Man, just, you know, turn it up.’”

Pusha T continued, “I only send records to him when I feel like there’s more needed to the record and there’s nothing else I can really say to it. And I feel like where he’s made it in his career and in his life, he can always add an uptick to the record. I can’t say what he says. There’s other people I could go out I know I’d get a dope verse from, but I probably could’ve said that.”

Listen to Pusha T praise Jay-Z below.