Quality Control Scores A Touchdown With New Football Division

Quality Control founders Coach K and CEO P continue to make power moves in the business with the launch of a new football division!

Quality Control bosses Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “CEO P” Thomas are expanding their business once again.

Earlier today, the two moguls announced they were launching a new division of their company QC Sports, with the launch of QC Football.

Coach K and CEO P founded QC Sports in 2019. The business found success immediately, with the signing of Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints, who earned the title of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The company also landed a deal with D’Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions in 2020. QC Football currently handles all their off-the-field management, branding, and marketing. The success with both players led quality control to launch a new division, focusing strictly on football.

QC Football has tapped 20-year industry veteran Brad Cicala as Managing Partner of the new football division.

In a shrewd business move, Coach K and CEO P acquired Cicala’s company Terra Firma Sports Management in an agreement which gives them access to his roster, which includes Pierre Garcon, Diontae Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Malcolm Smith, and John Ross III, among others.

“What excited me about working with QC is the synergy in conducting business on par with Fortune 500 companies while still adhering to a family structure,” explained QC Football’s managing partner Brad Cicala. “Our goals aligned over the past decade with both parties helping young Black men and women transcend entertainment and sports into business, tech, gaming and ultimately a path towards real ownership with entrepreneurial spirit,” Cicala added.

Quality Control’s holding company QC Media now owns a rapidly expanding portfolio of businesses including Quality Control Music, which has artists like City Girls, Lil Yachty, Migos, and Lil Baby on the roster.  QC Sports, Quality Films, and Solid Foundation Management are other companies Coach K and CEO P have founded as well.

“We’re working tirelessly to build QC Sports and it is with great passion that we announce our football division and it’s an honor to have an agent with such respect and esteem amongst his players and the football community joining our QC Family,” said Kevin “Coach K” Lee, COO of Quality Control.