Quavo Takes Fight Against Gun Violence To Vice President Kamala Harris In Wake Of Takeoff’s Death 


Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Quavo for his “call for action to prevent gun violence,” following his visit to Washington.  

Quavo met with Vice President Kamala Harris and members of Congress during the Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference in Washington on Wednesday (September 20), to call for action on gun violence after losing his nephew and fellow Migos member Takeoff in a fatal shooting last year. 

The “Greatness” hitmaker teamed up with the Community Justice Action Fund to advocate for gun violence prevention in a panel discussion in DC. He was accompanied by his mother, Edna and sister, Titania Davenport, the mother of Takeoff.   

Quavo was inspired to take action after his nephew’s tragic death in November 2022, AP News reports.  

“You don’t think nothing is going to happen,” he stated before adding, “I need to step up to the plate and hit a homerun.”

He continued, “I have to do something about it, so it won’t happen to the masses — especially in our culture. I don’t want this to happen to the next person. I want to knock down these percentages.” 

Quavo stated, “We need to do better with the control of guns.” He often questions how guns can be used safely to prevent further loss, including instances of police brutality.  

“How do you keep them out of the hands of people that make bad decisions?” he added. “I’m kind of in a half-and-half place. Even police have guns. Unfortunately, some of the people in our culture and loved ones have been lost to police brutality. It’s all about choices and how we can put a filter on who can use these guns.” 

Vice President Praises Quavo For Gun Violence Advocacy

Kamala Harris shared images of her meeting with Quavo and his mother and sister while paying tribute to the family.  

“Thank you @quavohuncho, Edna, and Titania for using your voices to honor Takeoff’s legacy and call for action to prevent gun violence,” the Vice President wrote on Instagram.  

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Quavo and his family launched the Rocket Foundation in 2022 with a $2 million commitment to invest in community violence intervention in honor of Takeoff. He insisted he needs more “resources” to enact change.  

“I feel like after going to the White House, I need resources,” he added. “I need a bag of goodies, so I can take back and say ‘Here, this is for the culture.’ We have that extension cord. We are plugged into that type of environment. I don’t think no one else in our stature is that connected. In order for things to change, we need resources.”