Rap-A-Lot Vindicated: Corrupt “White Devil” DEA Agent Going To Prison

Former DEA agent Chad Scott once accused Rap-A-Lot of drug dealing. Now he’s going to prison.

(AllHipHop News) The tables have finally turned on a corrupt DEA agent who tried to bring down J Prince, Scarface and Rap-A-Lot Records.

J Prince and Scarface have consistently claimed two DEA agents named Jack Schumacher and Chad Scott were targeting them unjustly.

Scarface boldly dissed both of the agents on his songs “Look into My Eyes” and “Gangsta S##t.”

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the DEA agents claimed Rap-A-Lot was a front for a huge drug empire, which J Prince allegedly oversaw.

Neither J Prince nor Scarface was ever charged, but the same cannot be said for the disgraced DEA agent Chad Scott.

Back in 2017, Chad Scott, who nicknamed himself “The White Devil,” was indicted on 10 counts after the FBI accused him of stealing money, using drug dealers to buy a pickup truck, and falsifying documents to secure convictions.

Earlier this week, Chad Scott stood trial for a second time, where he was convicted of perjury and falsifying records in an attempt to hide the drug-related seizures he had kept for himself.

In total, the “White Devil” was found guilty of two counts of perjury, three counts of obstruction of justice and two counts of falsifying government records

The FBI proved that Chad Scott ordered a Houston drug dealer to buy him a Ford F-150 truck which was worth $43,000.

Scott then made the drug dealer give the car to him and then falsified paperwork so he could use the truck as an official government vehicle, which he used for himself.

In another racket, Chad Scott forced two Houston drug dealers to lie about the source of a major cocaine and heroin supplier in the Houston area during a trial in New Orleans.

“Chad Scott violated his sworn commitment to serve the public and uphold justice, dishonoring the special trust that we place in each of our federal law enforcement agents,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

Now the former DEA agent is facing years in prison for running his corrupt scam from 2009 to 2016.

But the case is far from over according to the Feds.

Chad Scott, 51, will go on trial again over more corruption charges with another cop in October.

And two other cops on a DEA task force in New Orleans have also pleaded guilty in the case and are awaiting sentencing.

Karl Emmett Newman, 52, pleaded guilty to unlawfully carrying a firearm in furtherance of an August 2015 robbery and stealing money confiscated by the DEA during another search.

Another crooked cop named Johnny Domingue pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and misappropriating money confiscated by the DEA.