Rap Video Shoot Turns Into A Double-Homicide In Baton Rouge

The cops in Baton Rouge are looking for the suspects who shot and killed two people during a video shoot earlier in the week.

(AllHipHop News) It was supposed to be a fun day of Hip-Hop as a local rap group planned to record a rap video on Wednesday evening (July 22nd) on Dalton Street in Baton Rouge, LA.

But somehow gangster lyrics pumped up into high-speed, real-life drama as shots rang out and killed two men. Unfortunately, according to neighbors, by the time the police arrived every single person present at the video shoot vanished.


The artists, the extras, the director, the label people, the crew, and even the people responsible for the food disappeared moments before the cops arrived to investigate the crime scene.

One might ask, “Why is this a problem? Aren’t you supposed to get out of dodge when the pop pop of a gun breaks the air?” Yes. Of Course.

But because no one was left on the scene, there were no witnesses to give context of what turned out to be a double homicide.

“The sad thing is nobody stayed on the scene,” Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr. said. “Zero witnesses.”

The Baton Rouge spokesperson for the police department had even fewer details to communicate, but for a desire that the community to help bring justice for the two deceased men.

D’Andre Mills, 25, and Landon Johnson, 31, were both taken to the hospital, succumbing to their gun injuries once in the infirmary.

According to the Advocate, many people are speculating that the deaths may have been connected to a local rap beef between some crews in the Red Sticks from last summer.