Rapper Sasha Skare Officially Charged With Murdering Beyonce’s Cousin


An aspiring rapper accused of killing Beyonce’s cousin has been hit with murder charges.

An aspiring rapper named Sasha Skare, the woman that shot and killed Beyoncé’s cousin on January 22, has been charged with his murder.

According to a Bexar County District Attorney’s Office affidavit, Sasha Skare was in a romantic relationship with the victim Martell Derouen, whose rap name was Kardone and is related to Queen Bey.

The same document further notes that the two were in an argument which eventually led to her taking a gun and shooting through his door, striking him, and ultimately killing him.

Should she be convicted, Sasha Skare could be sentenced to life in prison.

This is not her first time in trouble with the law.

Back in 2019, she and her old boyfriend, Andrew Bass, attempted to rob a local drug dealer.

Instead of a robbery, the two parties got a shooting match which resulted in Bass dying and the other man being injured.

Sasha Skare’s character is in question as she blamed the botched job on Bass.

Feigning innocence, she told law enforcement that Bass had set up the deal and she was going along with it. Come to find out, after further investigation, not only did she know the mark, but she was the one who contacted him about meeting up.

Sasha Skare is currently facing an aggravated robbery charge in connection to the shooting that took the life of her man.

Kardone’s death has rocked the family, even as there have been no public statements about the tragedy.

A Louisiana native is related to Beyoncé through Tina Lawson’s side of the family. Tina’s grandmother was named Agnèz Deréon and is the common ancestor.