Rappers Mourn The Death Of “Today I Got Time Cuz” Viral Sensation Vincent Lee Brown

A young gang banger who turned into a viral meme in 2014 tragically lost his life.

Millions knew the late Vincent Lee Brown as the “Today, I got time Cuz” white Crip gang banger from Colorado who went viral in 2014.

Today, his family mourns his death after receiving the news that his lifeless body was found in front of a tire store by local Aurora police on Sunday, March 21.

The tragic loss has the world wondering if the street culture Brown celebrated so aggressively snatched his 22-year-old life.

His mother Linnea Brown said that by the time of his death, Brown had not been active and that despite the “cuz” talk, he was not an actual member of one of the largest street gangs in the country.

She also spoke about how kind he was as a kid and that living on the streets made him hard. She said, “He kind of, more or less, grew up on the streets in his teenage years.”

In the video that made him notorious, he was “trippin” on someone who questioned his gangsta. His voice squeaked, “I got time, cuz,” which led to him being featured as an intro to Trippie Redd’s “It Takes Time” video.

“Though his voice was used by professional artists Snoop Dogg and Trippie Red’s, he never received royalties. He grew to be a caring and protective friend and son. He was the kind of person would literally give a stranger the shoes off his feet, or his last $5,” his mother said.

Brown was an artist as well. His mother posted a “Black Lives Matter” tribute to Michael Brown written and performed by her son.

The visual featured him rap/singing, displaying a gift that could have helped him become something greater than the streets that claimed his life.

Brown’s mother also set up a GoFundMe to help fund her son’s funeral. She wrote:

“I wanted to update everyone that has asked about a date and time for services, the coroner has not released Vincent. Due to there being an active investigation, it could take 2+ weeks. I promise to release that information as soon as I have it. I do intend to have his Services at Fairmont Cemetery…where his grandma is resting.”

As of publishing, they have raised less than $2,000. The goal is $20,000.

RIP young man.

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