Ray J And Bobby Brackins Gave Away $25K To Promote New Single “On Top”

Ray J and Bobby Brackins

One person earned the money by winning a mechanical bull-riding competition at Ray J and Bobby Brackins’ release party.

Ray J and Bobby Brackins hosted a mechanical bull-riding competition at a release party for their new single “On Top” featuring P-Lo. One lucky rider won $25,000 at the event in San Francisco on Saturday (September 16).

Bobby Brackins previously worked with Ray J on the songs “143” and “I Hit It First.” Both tracks were produced by Nic Nac, who handled the production for the duo’s latest collaboration.

“I’ve written a lot of songs that masses have gravitated to and ‘On Top’ is one I feel people will genuinely appreciate,” Bobby Brackins said. “Ray J and I have had two songs that have made a lot of noise, we are a dynamic duo. We are enthusiastic about ‘On Top’ and are ready to give it the full push it deserves.”

He added, “Ray J is a legend, he’s done so much for the culture. He has the talent, charisma, and networking skills to really elevate anything he is focused on. His independent hustle is extraordinary. He’s ready to make plays and not wait around for others to dictate our endeavors. With that being said, ‘On Top’ has one destination: to be on top.”

Watch the video for Bobby Brackins and Ray J’s “On Top” featuring P-Lo below.