Ray J Swings On Zeus CEO During Altercation At BET Awards Afterparty  

Ray J

Ray J clashed with Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer after previously accusing him of abusing women and calling him a Black Jeffery Epstein.  

Ray J’s beef with the Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer has turned violent following an altercation at a BET Awards afterparty. 

On Sunday (June 30) the feud came to a head after the pair crossed paths at an event. Footage circulating online shows Ray J and Plummer engaged in a heated conversation at the center of a large crowd. Multiple people attempted to intervene between the pair, but Ray J wanted smoke and swung on Plummer.  

As people tried to separate them, Ray J disappeared before returning moments later with a backpack in hand. Again, passersby intervened, begging Ray J to stop as he appeared to reach into his bag for something. His entourage eventually managed to bundle him into a car, preventing the situation from escalating further. 

Back in May, Ray J accused the Zeus Network co-founder of abusing women, branding him the Black Jeffrey Epstein. He also claimed Plummer manipulates women into sleeping with him to get a spot on the network. 

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However, despite things becoming physical, Ray J recently claimed he was going the legal route with his allegations. He recently addressed the topic during an episode of The Breakfast Club last month. 

“I don’t like when people are doing people wrong and making them do shows for certain things that they shouldn’t,” he said of his issues with Plummer.  

Ray J also denied accusing the Zeus CEO of abuse to promote his recently launched Tronix Network.

“That would be foul, that would be inhumane,” he insisted. “These are facts. I have the footage. I have a lot of stuff that he’s been doing. Now it’s time to do what we’re doing now, and that’s legally do the right thing.”