Ray J Responds To Kodak Black’s Threats: “Take The Fade” 

Ray J Kodak Black

Ray J called out Kodak Black after the rapper threatened to beat him up over remarks the singer made about his health.

Ray J wants the fade with Kodak Black, and he says the rapper better win the fight. 

The singer turned tech entrepreneur has been in a back-and-forth with the “Super Gremlin” rapper following a recent interview. Ray J voiced his concerns over Kodak Black’s recent appearance on Drink Champs, urging him to seek help. 

However, Black clapped back, claiming the singer wanted to go viral. He also insisted that he didn’t need help and threatened to beat Ray J’s “lil ass.”  

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Ray J caught wind of Kodak Black’s remarks and said he’s got to run him a fade, but with the proceeds going to charity. According to Ray J, getting in shape with the fight could help Black get in shape.  

“Yak know he don’t want no real fade, he talking ‘bout he gon’ beat me up,” Ray J said on Instagram Live Monday (October 30). Bro, if you don’t cut it out.” 

He continued, “The only reason why this fade would make sense for me, you a street n####, right? You a rapper? Well let’s take the fade since you said you going to beat me up. Since you went all the way left with it, only thing you really can do is take the fade.” 

Ray J believes Kodak Black training for the fight would be a “win win for everybody” but said the Florida native needs to come out on top.  

“But f### him though, forreal. He want that fade, he can have it,” he added. “We can give all the money to a f###### foundation. I’m an R&B singer. The homie that sing, or the homie that rap? I better get my muthafucking ass beat like a muthafucka.” 

Furthermore, Ray J said he felt disrespected and didn’t like that Black kept referring to him as ‘Lil.” 

“When a n#### say he gone’ beat my lil ass, he kept calling me ‘lil.’ Like what, n####?” he said before adding, “I should have minded my business. I don’t like the disrespect though, because it wasn’t necessary.” 

Ultimately, Ray J said he and Kodak Black have no “real” problems, but the fade would be “fun.” Check out the video below or watch the IG Live here.