Ray J To Princess Love: Sleeping With Prostitutes & Strippers Isn’t Cheating

Ray J Princess Love

The reality show stars have a heated conversation about their breakup.

VH1 recently aired the “Stomping Grounds” episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. That entry in the television series featured a viral conversation between estranged couple William “Ray J” Norwood Jr. and Princess Love.

Last year, Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love. The announcement of the pending separation came around the time Ray was reportedly hospitalized with pneumonia.

The complicated situation played out on Love & Hip Hop: Miami this season. In a clip from the show, Ray and Princess discuss why their relationship fell apart with both of them offering different explanations.

“I almost died in the hospital,” expressed Ray J. Princess Love replied, “You filed for divorce.” She also claimed the R&B performer had other women wearing her clothing in their home.

In addition, Ray J told Princess Love, “I’m dying and you’re still thinking about b###### wearing your clothes. That’s not right. And you wonder why I got a divorce.”

The heated conversation then turned to Ray complaining about Princess Love dating other men. Princess admitted she is seeing other people which led to an argument about infidelity.

“And it’s always been strippers and prostitutes,” said Princess Love, suggesting Ray J slept with other women during their marriage. The “Sexy Can I” singer responded, “Strippers and prostitutes don’t count.”

After Love & Hip Hop‘s verified Twitter account posted that scene for the Miami edition of the program, Ray J became a trending topic. Many social media users accused Ray of gaslighting Princess Love about cheating.

Ray J married Princess Love in Los Angeles in August 2016. The reality show stars currently have two children, 4-year-old Melody Love and two-year-old Epik Ray. Both Ray and Princess have filed for divorce in the past.