Ray J’s New Face Tattoos Sparks Concern From His Doctors 

Ray J

Ray J debuted his new face tattoos, which include the logo of his freshly launched reality TV platform Tronix Network.  

Ray J recently debuted his new face tattoos and revealed his latest ink sparked concerns, including from his doctors who questioned his mental state. 

On Monday (April 22), Ray J showed off his new body art during an Instagram Live chat. Alongside the names of his children, Melody and Epik, the 43-year-old entrepreneur tattooed the logo of his new TV network Tronix on his face.  

According to Ray J, the tattoos have “everybody tripping,” with worried friends concerned for his mental health. 

“I had a few doctors call me and DM me,” he admitted. “Thank you, I appreciate the love because if you worried about me then please let me know. If I’m falling by the wayside, If I’m going left, help me go right. I’m a listen. Straight up.“

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However, Ray J revealed his face tattoos are unfinished, and despite the concerns, he’s set to make them even larger.  

“I’m about to go finish them right now, and I’m a really go big today. When I’m done with them, then I think everybody might f### with them. But if they don’t, you ain’t got to look at me,” he added. 

In another video, Ray J confessed his new ink makes him “look real unattractive.” Furthermore, he said he won’t be able to do any more movies or TV shows but believes it’s worth it. “It’s all in for me now,” he said. “I did this on purpose,” he added, explaining that he’s determined to be his own boss.