EXCLUSIVE: Read Young Thug’s Questions To Potential Jurors In RICO Case

Young Thug

Young Thug’s legal team asked prospective jurors about their thoughts on Hip Hop, tattoos, the criminal justice system and much more.

Young Thug submitted his juror questionnaire in the RICO case against YSL members.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Young Thug’s legal team wanted to learn the jury’s views on Hip Hop. Lawyers asked potential jurors about their listening habits and perceptions of rappers.

“Do you associate Hip Hop artists/rappers with criminal behavior or believe they break the law more than average citizens?” attorneys inquired. “Do you believe rap lyrics are usually autobiographical (the songwriter is telling stories about his/her real life)?”

One question read, “Some people believe that artists who perform rap music, including ‘gangsta rap,’ may commit crimes or violent acts to enhance their image or promote their career. What do you think?”

Young Thug’s lawyers asked potential jurors about their experiences with crime. Prospective jury members were questioned if they’d been victims of a crime or arrested in the past.

“Have you known anyone who has been murdered or died as a result of a crime?” one question read.

The questionnaire covered gang activity and tattoos as well.

“Do you have any specialized training or education about criminal street gangs, including how they operate and how people join, are recruited, or are pressured or threatened to join?” Young Thug’s lawyers asked.

Another question read, “Would the fact that a defendant or witness has extensive tattoos, including on the face, cause you to reject or disbelieve that person?”

Young Thug’s legal team also addressed the high-profile nature of their client’s case. Prospective jurors were asked to reveal their opinions on the case and how closely they followed it.

“This case has received some publicity in the media and on social media,” Young Thug’s lawyers wrote. “There is nothing wrong with having read, seen or heard something about the case. However, we need to know what, if anything, you have read, seen or heard.”

Additional questions sought to understand the potential jury’s thoughts on the criminal justice system. They were asked about their opinions of prosecutors, defense attorneys and more.

“Plea bargaining – the prosecution offering individuals charged with crimes favorable treatment or a lower sentence in exchange for information and/or testimony against others — is legal,” Young Thug’s lawyers wrote. “How do you feel about the prosecution offering individuals who participated in crimes, plea agreements in exchange for their testimony in court against the defendants in this case?”

Young Thug was arrested on RICO charges in May. His trial is scheduled to begin in January 2023.